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Money is still coming in, and we’re over £30,000. We will announce the final amount after donations close at the end of August.


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  And the global pandemic which currently has us in it’s grip has certainly placed us firmly in an extraordinary time.

As a result, we find ourselves bitterly disappointed not to be cycling to Bordeaux this summer.  Not just because we will miss out on an incredible experience, but because the charity for which we all invest our time and effort, and the incredible young people it supports, will suffer the loss of the fundraising income that the ride generates.  That loss, added to the wider economic uncertainty created by the pandemic, means that PROPS, along with many smaller chairties, faces the prospect of some uncertain times over the coming months.

For that reason, and in common with a host of other sporting and fundraising events, we have decided to run our first ever VIRTUAL Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge.

The challenge is essentially the same.  We are still asking riders to complete their chosen distance of 500 or 300 miles.

But in order to ensure the safety of our riders, and compliance with the government’s lockdown and social distancing rules, we are offering riders a number of different ways to cover the miles ‘to Bordeaux’.

They can do it as part of their daily commute, as part of their daily exercise routine or whenever they can find a convenient time in their day.  They can ride outside ‘for real’, or they can stay at home, on a static bike or turbo-trainer.

Riders must complete the challenge by Saturday 4 July, the day B2B 2020 would have arrived in Bordeaux.

The point is, they can still ride.  And the crucial point is, they can still raise money for PROPS.

We apprciate that this doesn’t have the glamour or appeal of a ride through the beautiful vineyards of the Medoc.  But the reason for riding is more relevant than ever.  Today PROPS needs the sponsorship that is generated from B2B as much as it ever has.  We know these are uncertain and worrying times for everyone.  But, please, if you can, sponsor a Virtual B2B rider, and make sure that PROPS can continue it’s amazing work with some truly amazing young people.

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