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Bristol2Bristol is the younger, racier and Covid-compliant sibling to our infamous (and unfortunately postponed for another year) Bristol2Bordeaux. Yes, it’s been born out of necessity but BOY are we excited.

On Friday 9th July we’ve got a one day riding extravaganza – with friends both existing and new -starting in Bristol and ending in, you guessed it, Bristol. Lush.



We’ve got 7 fantastic routes for you to choose from, ranging from 8 miles to 175 miles and everything in between! We’ll be starting and finishing in the beautiful Chew Valley, all you need to do is pick your distance from: 8, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 175 miles.


As well as the best bespoke ride routes out, around and back into Chew Valley, we’ll support you with encouragement, water and snack stations along the way.

This is an audax-style event. We’ll be supplying suggested routes (.gpx files) but if you think you’ve got a better route – or want to visit your Auntie Meg – you can go your own way! We’ll be releasing milestone markers prior to the event and you’ll just need to show us proof of your visit on your return to base! Proof of your visit could be a photo, answering a question, a receipt, or a stamp – we’ll let you know!

Back at base on the 9th we’ll be throwing a small celebration with some food, drinks and chat like only the B2B crew can provide!

If you’ve got your tent, you’re also welcome to camp over in our facilitated field on a first come, first served basis.

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