"At first, it was a big thing for me. I was quite shy and didn't talk to many people. By the end at Bordeaux, I felt part of it."


Bikeability is a fantastic resource with adapted bikes and specialist accessible trainers to provide inclusive cycling to all. However, the sessions were clearly not proving to be enough to motivate Shane and he was asking to do more. So we agreed a goal with Shane that we would work together and set the target of attending the B2B Cycle Challenge in July 2018.Shane expressed an interest in coming on the Bristol to Bordeaux (B2B) Cycle Challenge in early 2017. At that point, his cycling ability went as far as cycling round an athletics track for an hour with weekly sessions that PROPS attends through Bikeability. Shane would often do a couple of laps and stop for a break.

Shane began a bespoke training plan where he continued his sessions at Bikeability, but began to focus on particular skills. Shane worked to develop his balance and control skills, to be able to stop and start when needed. He also had to learn to take a drink whilst riding to stay hydrated.  Perhaps most importantly Shane began to learn to focus on his spatial awareness, as he has a visual impairment. Shane needed to learn to move around obstacles and to follow one person in front of him to ensure his safety.

Shane proved his motivation during other days that he attended PROPS by using our Turbo trainer static bike we had set up for him.  We are all hugely impressed by his dedication to training on this in his free time at PROPS to develop his strength and stamina. Shane also got an exercise bike at home in his bedroom.

After 6 months of commitment from Shane he had develop his skills enough to join the Friday cycle training group going out every week on local cycle paths and quiet roads, completing distances of 20 -40miles each week in the build up to B2B2018. Shane gained enough experience and the relevant skills and confidence to be able to complete a 40 mile ride which he proved in early June 2018 at the PROPS Cycle Club SPORTIVE.

When it came to B2B 2018, Shane was able to complete 40miles x 4days of the Classic route and be part of a large event that would not normally be accessible to him.

"My favourite bit was at the end, jumping in the pool. I was quite proud."

The experience has been a huge boost to Shane’s confidence and fitness, as well as contributing to his own personal development. Shane has demonstrated that he is able to set himself a target, and is committed enough to achieve it. Shane has been an inspiration to others at PROPS, and continues to represent and us as an inclusive organisation, supporting individuals to achieve their goals.

Shane is currently training for B2B2019 and would like to ride more miles this time, with the goal of completing one full day of 80miles.

"I'm ready to do longer rides, because I've been practising going up hills."