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1. Corporate Social Responsibility: use your volunteer days at PROPS

"It was fantastic to see PROPS in action and to meet so many of the trainees too. Really impressive range of activities you have to offer and some great staff to guide trainees too!" Lisa, Aviva

"I rediscovered carpentry skills I’d forgotten I had and loved being involved in the shed transformation." Bernadette, Aviva


Provide memorable team-building exercises that will have a positive impact on the daily activities of PROPS trainees

Ensure you meet your corporate social responsibility by making a difference to a small charity.

Meet the individuals you will be benefiting. One of the main draws to anyone getting involved with PROPS is having the opportunity to work alongside our trainees and understand directly what impact they can have.

2. Can your organisation provide employment or a supported internship place for a trainee?

Examples include:



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3. Make PROPS your charity of the year

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