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Stroll down Fishponds Road from Saturday 28th October 2023 and you’ll spot our new high street cafe, shop, exhibition and community meeting space – Crafted by Props!

Crafted by Props is our latest social enterprise to join the Props family – Tapestry by Props brewery, Vassall Cafe by Props, Cycle Hub by Props and Workshop by Props.

Our goal is for these to become profitable entities in their own right – creating pathways to work opportunities and breaking down barriers for people who have disabilities in the workplace. 

Over the last year we have transformed a run-down retail unit on Fishponds Road, creating a welcoming and inclusive venue that serves and celebrates the diverse needs and perspectives of EVERYONE in the community, especially those too often excluded from accessing public spaces. 

We finally have somewhere to showcase the vibrant talent of our Trainees – through handmade artisan products, artwork, food and drink. It’s a place where creativity meets inclusivity, and we are excited to share it with our community.

During the day, Trainees from Props can either work in the cafe – serving up hearty, homecooked treats, in the enterprise kitchen – developing recipes, or in the custom built workshop – developing skills in sewing, print and graphic design to create handmade products. 

As evening falls, the Tapestry by Props team will transform the space into a cosy, welcoming bar that serves craft beer from our brewery.

From cooking to customer service, brewing to sewing – these enterprises are opening up a vast range of opportunities for training and employment that adults who have learning disabilities otherwise have so many barriers to.

“As the face of our high streets is changing, the vision for Crafted by Props is to provide a model for how high street spaces can evolve to become accessible, inclusive social and creative hubs for everyone in the local community” Says Ruby Summerell, Crafted by Props enterprise manager.

Drop in to Crafted by Props to soak up this lovingly curated space and meet the adults who have learning disabilities whose lives this enterprise impacts. 

You can follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook here.

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