Amalie Smith Back in 2017, I took on the Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge for the first time. I didn't have the best start to my ride, taking a nasty tumble in the first 20 miles and had a pretty rough time of it over the following 500 miles! Having supported the ride since 2014 but only ridden once, I thought 2020 was about time to give it another go, and hopefully make it there in one piece! I haven't been on the bike that much lately thanks to a persistent knee injury (I think I rode fewer than 10 times in 2019!) but what better way to get back in the saddle?

Training is already underway but to make things a bit more challenging (because 500 miles just isn't enough), this year I plan to complete the ride on a tandem with my better half. Having never ridden a tandem before, whether we make it to Bordeaux on speaking terms is another thing entirely, but hopefully this will inspire you to donate to my cause all the more!

For those who don't know, the Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge is an annual charity bike ride now in its 12th year, covering 500 miles in 4 days and serving as the main fundraiser for local Bristol-based charity, PROPS. This cause is close to my heart, one I've been heavily involved in for the past 6 years. PROPS do fantastic work supporting young adults with learning disabilities to lead full lives and gain independence. If you want to find out more, please visit the 'About Us' section of this website.

I have met some truly inspiring people through PROPS, whether they're supporting the charity or benefiting from its tireless work. Each year, some of the trainees supported by the charity join us on the ride, reminding us why we do what we do - all the hard days' training, fundraising and pedalling - and understanding what a difference it makes to them renders it all worth it.

Like all riders taking on the challenge, I will be funding my own place on the ride, so every penny donated goes directly to PROPS. It really is a brilliant cause, but to avoid getting anymore emotional about it, all I ask is that you spare anything you can to help me reach my target and help PROPS change lives.

Feel free to share the link to my page with friends and family. Thank you for your support! Amalie Smith