On April 16th I will be taking to the streets and tackling the 26 miles 385 yards of the Manchester Marathon. It will be my first marathon for 25 years.


Why am I doing it, you might ask and in reality, I ask myself the same question. My 11 year old son, Charlie is actually to blame. We went to London a couple of years ago to watch my wife, Sophie, run the marathon in just 3 hours 18. There and then, Charlie goaded me into making a comeback. Now April is looming and I am starting to recall the pain of the last three miles of a marathon. It will be murder!


Anyhow, it’s happening and I’m again going to raise money for Props. Props is a fantastic Bristol based charity that supports adults with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential. Props provides access to practical learning, skills development and worthwhile, accessible work based experiences. Its a great charity.

As an aside Sophie and I will also be riding Bristol to Bordeaux in July for the same charity. It’s a great ride – 500 miles in 4 days. We won’t be fundraising twice,  just the once.


I hope you can give generously and as you do so, please remember – it will hurt!

* Since setting up my sponsorship page I have picked up an injury and am currently off the road. I have however entered the Chester Marathon as a contingency plan. The race is in October. One way or another I am doing two big ones this year! 

Brian and Sophie McCarthy