For more than a decade PROPS supporters have been riding from Bristol to Bordeaux – "500 miles of the finest cycling routes that the UK and France can offer". Sounds great doesn't it? Wait, it gets better...The 4 day ride is fully supported, with regular feed stations, fully trained medics, physios and bike mechanics, and transport of bags between each overnight hotel stop. Love that.

For the last couple of years I've been helping PROPS (and the lovely volunteers/trustees!) organise and run Covid-friendly alternatives - virtual and Bristol2Bristol events - and finally now we're actually able to get back on the road to Bordeaux.


I'm not riding.
I. Know.

I'm a cyclist and I'm not riding, I'm support. I'm fit (ish), I'm not broken and I'm healthy but instead I'm going to be in a teeny tiny Fiasco - sorry, Fiesta. Maybe with air-con but surrounded by happy cyclists riding through fields of sunflowers with wind ruffling helmet-hair and tanned, smiling faces. It's going to be tough. For all of us ;-).

Please sponsor me to help them get to Bordeaux with a smile plastered on my face - and not ride an inch of the route myself!

- Rest assured, all costs are met by the riders and we can guarantee every penny raised goes to PROPS and is spent on their incredible work. Zoe Grimes