Hi All


Just to let you know that I didn’t run as I had covid, but rest assured I will complete it next year.




As you might know I am riding 500 miles, Bristol to Bordeaux, in July over just four days. 


As I get myself fit, ready and lighter I will be running the Manchester Marathon on Sunday, April 3.  It will be my first Marathon for 25 years and my hope and ambition is simple. I would love to run within an hour of my last time - anything under 4 hours 2 minutes will be success! 


The ride is in aid of a fantastic charity, Props, and on that basis I have decided to try to raise a few quid for the same charity from my Manchester exploits.  Props is a Bristol based charity committed to helping adults with learning difficulties achieve their full potential. It would be great if you could make a contribution. I am aware that I have been to this well more than once and on that basis would encourage you to consider just a small donation. If you could do 25p a mile ( £6.50) great, if you want to go 50p a mile (£13 ) even better or if you think my suffering is worth £1 a mile (£26) that would be super. On the last point, I promise there will be suffering - I expect the last 6 miles to be absolute purgatory - I'm not the runner I was! 


Sophie is also running and threatening to run with me. I'm encouraging her to crack on and do her own thing on the day as I'm not sure I have the humility to watch her bob along effortlessly once the pain sets in.  Let's see how that one pans out. We are both also doing the July ride. 


Hope you think my pain is worth a few quid and a massive thanks in advance. 



PROPS Bristol