On 9th July 2023, the 3 of us (Ben Cannel, Sean Belgium and Rory Mansfield) will board a ferry to Bilbao before setting off to ride the entirety of the 2023 Tour de France route, fully self-supported including transfers sections! We'll be taking a train back from Paris and will have zero vehicle support throughout.

The Route

We'll start riding on July 11th and, all going to plan, will arrive in Paris on August 2nd. This gives us 23 days, the same amount of time the race itself will take. 

The official route this year (which takes in all 5 of the French mountain ranges) comes out at 3404km and 55086 metres vertical gain. Our route will be 4529km and 62321 metres vertical.

That's just shy of 200km a day and 2709m vert, or Bristol to London and 100 times up Park Street every day for 23 days.


Why Support PROPS?

This is a huge challenge that few amateurs have ever dared to do so we need all the support we can get, as we ride in aid of the fantastic, small, local charity PROPS.

PROPS support adults with learning disabilities by empowering them with skills and opportunities to live happily, independently and with access to paid employment. We all passionately believe in equal opportunities for EVERYONE and knowing donations to PROPS will help build projects to make this happen in Bristol gives us the motivation we'll need to keep going!

PROPS are hoping to build a high street Cafe in Fishponds for the first time this year to train and employ adults with learning disabilities.

With your help, we can make this happen by the time we come back!

Please give generously and leave a comment of motivation (or despair!) with your gift that we can see.

Thank you so much,

Rory, Ben and Sean

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PROPS Bristol