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Help support this cause!

Raffle tickets are £5.00 each. You can donate online here or put the cash and your name in the envelope on your table. 

Raffle prizes

  • 2 x Tickets in Elite hospitality for a Bristol Bears or Bristol City game.
  • Overnight stay for two with bed and breakfast at The Bristol Marriott Royal
  • Dinner for 2 at Ricks Bar with a bottle of Malbec
  • Londe Botanics relax and renew set (worth over £80.00)
  • 4 x Tickets to a Bristol Bears or Bristol City game
  • 1 Magnum bottle of champagne
  • 2 x Tickets to The Bath and West show
  • 2 x Tickets to The Food and Drink Show

This year’s charity

This year BJC are supporting Props in their mission to create a future where everyone who has a disability can do purposeful and rewarding work.

Props provide the skills, support and work opportunities that are currently not accessible for young people and adults who have learning disabilities.

As a small charity, your donations make a huge difference to the lives of Props Trainees, their families, and their local community!

Your donation today will directly help create employment opportunities for adults who have learning disabilities in Bristol.


gift aid

Gift Aid is a remarkable initiative for those in the UK, enabling charities to reclaim the tax on your donation. By selecting the Gift Aid option, for every £10 you donate, it could be worth £12.50, at absolutely no extra cost to you! So, if you're a UK taxpayer, the next time you're at the checkout, consider ticking the Gift Aid box. Not only will you be contributing to a noble cause, but you'll also amplify the impact of your generosity. Remember, in order to Gift Aid your donation, you should be paying enough in income tax and/or capital gains tax each year to cover the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations. It's essential to keep charities updated if there are changes in your tax status, name, or address. By embracing Gift Aid, you’re empowering charitable organizations to do even more remarkable work. Let’s make every penny count!


£955.00 raised of £ target by 66 supporters

  • Danielle Argent: donated £80.00
  • Freya Stothard: donated £10.00
  • Sara Foley: donated £15.00
  • Bethan Smyth: donated £5.00
  • Kate Woosnam: donated £10.00
  • Lesley Brown: donated £20.00
  • Adam Wells: donated £10.00
  • Kathryn Binnie: donated £10.00
  • Heather Lavis: donated £10.00
  • Stefanie Meakin: donated £10.00
  • Lizzie Collin: donated £15.00
  • Oliver Stavrakakis: donated £20.00
  • Ellie Milone: donated £10.00
  • Duncan Faulkes: donated £20.00
  • Marco Anderson: donated £40.00
  • Emily Vaughan Williams: donated £20.00
  • Emma Carter: donated £15.00
  • Jane Guy: donated £20.00
  • Laura Heard: donated £10.00
  • Victoria Stuart: donated £30.00
  • Sarah Galley: donated £15.00
  • Kosh Shorland: donated £10.00
  • David Cameron: donated £20.00
  • Mollie Pitt: donated £20.00
  • Rebecca Purchase: donated £15.00
  • Georgia Corp: donated £10.00
  • Emma Coughlan: donated £10.00
  • Letitia Ait-tales: donated £10.00
  • Mark Richdon: donated £20.00
  • Lui Pollastrone: donated £10.00
  • Zara Brewer: donated £5.00
  • Georgia Evans: donated £10.00
  • Martha Garstang: donated £10.00
  • Christian Dando: donated £10.00
  • Maria Levrero: donated £40.00
  • Toby Platt: donated £10.00
  • Tabitha Candy: donated £10.00
  • Rachel Horsburgh: donated £20.00
  • Georgina Jones: donated £10.00
  • M Bostan: donated £5.00
  • Greg Watson: donated £25.00
  • Andrew Evans: donated £15.00
  • Jim Davies: donated £50.00
  • Rebecca Stanton: donated £10.00
  • Tara Stone: donated £10.00
  • Oliver Brown: donated £20.00
  • Jack Callow: donated £20.00
  • Tom Shorland: donated £10.00
  • Oliver Brown: donated £40.00
  • George Hooton: donated £20.00
  • Amy Moody: donated £10.00
  • Angela Rose: donated £10.00
  • Aaron Sims: donated £10.00
  • Katie McAlone: donated £10.00
  • Louise Gilmer: donated £20.00
  • Charles Matthews: donated £10.00
  • rachel Griffith: donated £50.00
  • Cash Pay: donated £40.00
  • Jon Abbott: donated £10.00
  • Yasmine Qasim: donated £5.00


Support Our Cause


Could buy ingredients for a group to learn how to cook and share a healthy meal.


Could buy compost and seeds for one of our accessible growing sites.


Could provide staff support for a candidate to attend a supported internship.


Would make a big difference developing exciting enterprises like Tapestry Brewery or building new projects like our first high street Café.

Our Stories

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build an inclusive future