Jamie W rides Bristol to Bordeaux for Props

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Jamie is riding 500 miles this July in the Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge to raise money for Props!

Every single penny donated goes towards Props – a small charity with big ambitions of breaking down barriers and creating work opportunities for adults who have learning disabilities.

The money raised directly helps create opportunities for Trainees like Farwa and Jamie to pursue their passions.

Farwa is now cooking regularly in the Props enterprise kitchen, feeling huge pride that her bakes are now being sold on the high street!

Jamie has flourished working in our Vassall Cafe and is now confidently serving customers and taking charge of cooking entire recipes without support!

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£1,570.00 raised of £1,000.00 target by 59 supporters

  • Geoff Barrett: donated £25.00
  • Jamie Whiteman: donated £5.00
  • Christine Thurgur: donated £50.00
  • Nicky Hunt: donated £25.00
  • Andrew Allan-Jones: donated £50.00
  • Stephen Blacker: donated £20.00
  • Kristian Reeve: donated £10.00
  • Simon Marriott: donated £15.00
  • Sean Byrne: donated £50.00
  • Ellen Bluett: donated £10.00
  • Rebecca Curtis: donated £50.00
  • Mike Bliett: donated £50.00
  • Hannah Thurgur: donated £15.00
  • Megan Thurgur: donated £10.00
  • Sasha Byrne: donated £20.00
  • Alison Harris: donated £100.00
  • Lucy Dannan-Aspinall: donated £10.00
  • SUKHVINDER Kaur: donated £10.00
  • Steffen Kroh: donated £10.00
  • Tracey Bodenham: donated £5.00
  • Rachel White: donated £10.00
  • Simon Lanceley: donated £20.00
  • Sandra Keith: donated £20.00
  • Luke Tebby: donated £50.00
  • Richard Cook: donated £15.00
  • Chris Smith: donated £10.00
  • Kate Gascoyne: donated £10.00
  • Tom Ahepherd: donated £10.00
  • Allison Spittles: donated £30.00
  • Patricia Birchall: donated £250.00
  • Stan Campbell: donated £25.00
  • Chris Jones: donated £10.00
  • Diana Beavon: donated £20.00
  • David Beighton: donated £25.00
  • Simon Cooper: donated £100.00
  • Steven Christmas: donated £15.00
  • Patricia Coburn: donated £10.00
  • Neil Whiteman: donated £15.00
  • Karen Lewis: donated £30.00
  • Judith Webb: donated £20.00
  • Andy Clarke: donated £15.00
  • daren appleton: donated £20.00
  • Dan Whiteman: donated £10.00
  • Christine Cloarec: donated £50.00
  • Anita Espin: donated £15.00
  • Bertrand CLOAREC: donated £20.00
  • Derek Russell: donated £10.00
  • Karen Haley: donated £15.00
  • Gavin Hooper: donated £5.00
  • Simon Hudson: donated £10.00
  • Sebastian Fox: donated £15.00
  • Connor Holmes: donated £10.00
  • Kevin Trenoweth: donated £10.00
  • Laura Williamson: donated £10.00
  • Sylvia Sidorowicz: donated £20.00
  • Melanie Smith: donated £10.00
  • Rebecca Byrne: donated £50.00
  • Lynsey Gibson: donated £25.00
  • Megan Thurgur: donated £15.00


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Could buy ingredients for a group to learn how to cook and share a healthy meal.


Could buy compost and seeds for one of our accessible growing sites.


Could provide staff support for a candidate to attend a supported internship.


Would make a big difference developing exciting enterprises like Tapestry Brewery or building new projects like our first high street Café.

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