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I am riding 300 miles this July in the Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge to raise money for Props! As most of you know i am not a cyclist but this is a great charity and i’m always up for a Challenge. Training has been tough but i have recently done 65 miles which is my longest ride ever, and its now 2 to 3 rides a week to get used to sitting on a really comfy saddle!!

Every single penny donated goes towards Props – a small charity with big ambitions of breaking down barriers and creating work opportunities for adults who have learning disabilities.

The money raised directly helps create opportunities for Trainees like Farwa and Jamie to pursue their passions.

Farwa is now cooking regularly in the Props enterprise kitchen, feeling huge pride that her bakes are now being sold on the high street!

Jamie has flourished working in our Vassall Cafe and is now confidently serving customers and taking charge of cooking entire recipes without support!

Thank you so much for your very kind support.

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£3,130.00 raised of £1,000.00 target by 72 supporters

  • Oliver Paine: donated £45.00
  • Caroline Graham: donated £100.00
  • Romellie Brown: donated £30.00
  • Robert Parr-Head: donated £50.00
  • Sarah Mchattie: donated £20.00
  • Simon Peacock: donated £30.00
  • Andrew Frost: donated £50.00
  • Ben Gamble: donated £30.00
  • Paul Simmons: donated £100.00
  • David Mace: donated £50.00
  • Steven Jack: donated £30.00
  • Will Robinson: donated £10.00
  • Rob Russell: donated £50.00
  • Gavin Maber: donated £100.00
  • Oliver Paine: donated £100.00
  • Tom Morris: donated £20.00
  • Peter Gibbons: donated £100.00
  • Stephanie Hyde: donated £50.00
  • Peter Walford: donated £50.00
  • Ed Blood: donated £50.00
  • Shannon Ferris-Johns: donated £20.00
  • Richard Bashford: donated £30.00
  • Cheryl Garner: donated £20.00
  • Jerry Burton: donated £25.00
  • Ian Lambert: donated £20.00
  • Lindsay Driscoll: donated £75.00
  • Chris Ireland: donated £50.00
  • John Sisman: donated £25.00
  • charlie grubb: donated £70.00
  • Matt Moody: donated £25.00
  • Philip Marsden: donated £25.00
  • Rupert Joseland: donated £50.00
  • Sophie Warrender: donated £10.00
  • Andrew Brooksbank: donated £50.00
  • Simon Verrall: donated £50.00
  • Barry Muggridge: donated £25.00
  • Rosie Barclay: donated £50.00
  • Laurence Edwards: donated £10.00
  • steven oades: donated £50.00
  • Paul Baker: donated £50.00
  • Justin Millett: donated £50.00
  • Richard Howell: donated £30.00
  • Roxanne Ismail: donated £50.00
  • Andrew Fisher: donated £50.00
  • Calum Cowe: donated £20.00
  • Cat Collis: donated £20.00
  • Barry Marshall: donated £70.00
  • Martin Hill: donated £20.00
  • Ben Farrell: donated £20.00
  • Ben Trickey: donated £125.00
  • Ben Kelly: donated £20.00
  • Ian Wills: donated £30.00
  • Noel Lander: donated £25.00
  • Allister Donovan: donated £20.00
  • Julian Sandbach: donated £30.00
  • Cussen Family Fund via Quartet Community Foundation: donated £100.00
  • Sam Gardner: donated £40.00
  • Jeremy Richards: donated £25.00
  • Paddy Knapman: donated £50.00
  • Rachel Lillie: donated £25.00
  • Barnaby Dodwell: donated £15.00
  • Chris Yates: donated £10.00
  • Mark Bruce-Lockhart: donated £50.00
  • Nick Orme: donated £25.00
  • Karyn Tomkins: donated £25.00
  • Aidan Salter: donated £50.00
  • Daniel Bishop: donated £10.00
  • Charles Garthwaite: donated £50.00
  • Adrian Wyatt: donated £30.00


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Could buy ingredients for a group to learn how to cook and share a healthy meal.


Could buy compost and seeds for one of our accessible growing sites.


Could provide staff support for a candidate to attend a supported internship.


Would make a big difference developing exciting enterprises like Tapestry Brewery or building new projects like our first high street Café.

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