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Become a Props partner

When you become a Props corporate partner, you are directly helping to create employment and training opportunities for people who have learning disabilities across the South West.

With only 19% of businesses prioritising diversity and inclusion, there’s a huge opportunity for you to stand out whilst making a lifelong difference in the communities you operate in.

Together, we can champion an inclusive future and show the wider business community what people who have disabilities have to offer the workplace.

Benefits for your business

  • Project tours for staff and clients. Showcase the difference you are making in-person, by getting a tour of projects like Tapestry by Props brewery and being served by Trainees like Jordan. This is a uniquely memorable way to motivate your team, whilst seeing the impact you are making every single day.
  • Build public-facing projects: Work with us develop and create new social enterprises like Tapestry Brewery, through financial and pro bono support. Together, we can build equality from the ground up and have a lifelong impact for the entire community.
  • PR: Improve your brand reputation by making the most of local and national press opportunities, by helping us build inspiring new social enterprises.
  • CSR, ESG and D&I Perks: Aligning your brand with ours is a uniquely impactful way to promote your CSR, ESG and Diversity and Inclusion efforts all in one.
  • Social value reporting: As well as regular updates and content, you can work with us to enhance your social value reporting including stats, facts, and corporate strategy alignment.
  • Support winning local tenders: As a charity which builds social enterprises, we often support businesses by adding to the social value section of tender applications. We’ve helped local businesses win multi-million pound tenders across Bristol and South Gloucestershire so far.
  • Content: Receive regular updates and bespoke content to share, including from the Trainees you are getting into employment, highlighting the lasting impact you are making as a business.

Types of partnership

  • Financial support: Donate annually, quarterly or monthly and you’ll empower Trainees to gain skills, training, independence and employment for the first time. You can also link donations to your business, such as per product sold or client gained, and make our partnership a tangible part of your business to reach a greater audience.
  • Sponsor a trainee’s first year in paid work: Talk to us about funding paid employment for our Trainees for the first time and make a direct difference in our community.
  • Pro-bono: Are you able to support our work with your services pro bono? Talk to us about your expertise and how we could work together in the future.
  • Fundraising events: Motivate your team and raise donations at the same time! We have a variety of fundraising events you could take part in and able to support you with your own ideas too.

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So, is your business ready to champion equal opportunities in business and make a lasting difference?

Contact our fundraising manager, Konna for an initial chat and find out how we can make that happen together.

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