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Become a Trainee

If you’re interested in joining Props please call or email our friendly team here and we’ll send you an enquiry form.

Here’s how the process works

1. Visit us

We will invite you to visit us and have a look round. If it feels like a good fit, you will be offered a trial day. We ask parents, carers or social workers to ensure funding is available before any service at Props can commence. We will discuss funding options when you make your initial enquiry.

2. Trial day

On the trial day you will spend half a day taking part in our activities. This is our chance to get to know you, find out what you like and don’t like and understand which of our Training Support Services and enterprises will be a good fit for you.

This day will help us evaluate what the ratio of staff to Trainees will be to suit the individual needs of new Trainees.

3. Decide your services

After your trial day we will help you decide which of our Training Support Services and enterprises you will join. You will be given a contract with the guidelines you are expected to follow when you are at Props.

4. Review

After 12 weeks we will have a review meeting to find out how you are enjoying your time at Props and if any changes need to be made.

Important information

  • We are based at the Vassall Centre in Fishponds, a single storey building which has been made accessible for those with a wide range of accessibility needs. You can download the accessibility guide here.
  • We have a fleet of accessible vehicles, and transport is available to all trainees, covering Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
  • We do not have the capacity to support any Trainee who needs 2-to-1 support, displays violent or aggressive behaviours, is a flight risk, has complex mental health needs or complex health conditions that require specific training.
  • Please note demand is very high for our services and we are currently operating a waiting list for prospective Trainees.

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