Lucio is employed by Motability in one of their offices in Bristol Business Park. He works as a Scanning Assistant within their finance department, helping to ensure documents are stored electronically. Although Lucio has always been involved in numerous activities and a part of Studio PROPS, this is Lucio's first experience of paid employment. 

"My mum works, my brother works and now I have a job too"

Lucio has learnt a lot about being a paid employee and taking on this responsibility. He has not only spent time learning about how to scan documents and file them correctly but also about what it means to work as part of a team in an office. 

"Lucio works very hard when he is in the office, however he knows how to have fun with the team and makes us smile every day" (Bronwen, Lucio's Manager).

Lucio makes his way to work independently via taxi. He has his own desk, his own computer, his own pass with special access to the file store, and a direct line.


Lucio's role requires him to keep motivated and productive to avoid a back-log as Lucio has been given sole responsibility for scanning documents within the finance team where new documents are created every  day. 

"I am so happy to get paid for my work so I can start saving"