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Creative Training

Our creative training services have 3 main areas that often work together – Art & Design, Music & Performance and Creative Wellbeing.

We celebrate an approach that makes way for a unique and dynamic creative output with individual artistic expression at the centre.

Art & Design

Focuses on developing and honing technical skills like drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking, photography, textiles, clay and sculpture.  Trainees are encouraged to think about the formal element in their art work, such as line, colour, texture, pattern and composition while trying out as many different materials and techniques as possible. 

Work from these sessions often has direct applications in designs for our Workshop by Props enterprise – this could be for gift cards, fabric, tshirt, totebags and fine art prints. 

This is the place for trainees to develop their signature style and produce a portfolio of work to represent them as budding artists and designers.

Music & Performance

Ranges from a weekly participation in a Community Choir, to exploring instruments from around the world. 

Music sessions use singing, instruments, rhythm, melody and repetition to develop skills such as listening, memory retention, collaborative, social and emotional skills.

Trainees are part of a DJ group, who practice with professional decks and put together playlists for our monthly Discos. The Disco provides an opportunity for free style dance, and in the non-disco weeks there are dancercise sessions incorporating signing, Makaton and sensory props.

Creative Wellbeing

These sessions are spaces to relax, express and enjoy sensory experiences, immersive environments and experimentation. 

Often combining the visual and audible, trainee’s might work with materials like ink and clay with strong sensory feedback while listening to relaxing music at the same time.

Some sessions take place indoors with soft coloured lights, projectors and atmospherics sounds, while others happen in nature – meditating among trees, exploring the natural world, creating land art collecting sounds from the outdoors.

Trainees also record their own soundtracks using found sound and technology to loop, warp and repeat resulting in often epic sonic journeys.

Projects and Activities 

  • Tapestry Brewery Collaboration 
  • Stop Motion Animation 
  • Calendar Project 
  • Mural Painting 
  • Poetry & Spoken Word 
  • Scenic Painting 
  • Percussion 
  • Monthly Disco 
  • Signing and Singing 
  • Dancercise 
  • Umbrella Singers Choir 
  • Music Train 
  • Sensory Art 
  • Sonic Journeys 
  • Nature Exploration
  • Artist Research
  • Gallery Visits

Skills Gained

  • Collaborative & social skills
  • Machine Sewing
  • Photoshop & CAD
  • Pricing and Selling artwork
  • Framing and Hanging
  • Care and maintenance of equipment and materials 
  • Vocal Skills
  • DJ skills


With the skills gained through these projects and activities, Trainees can progress on to the following opportunities:

  • Art Workshop Leadership
  • Public Choir Performance
  • Trainee Artist Residency
  • Exhibition & Sale of work
  • Design for Enterprise
  • DJing for Events
  • Artist portfolio featured online
  • National Art Competitions


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