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Healthy Living Training

Our healthy living service offers a range of training activities which focus on developing healthy habits such as nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships and stress management.

Our goal is to promote healthy choices, independence and wellbeing through real life experiences and exciting new opportunities.

All of our projects and activities are designed to help Trainees build their confidence, self-esteem, and independence, as well as encouraging engagement with the wider community.

Projects and Activities 


We explore lots of accessible sports – boccia and rugby, to table cricket and hockey.


The focus in these sessions is to build a foundation of independent cooking and food preparation skills.

Healthy Living 

We cover a vast range of topics that promote independence and safety – from budgeting and money skills to healthy relationships.

Skills Gained

Our Healthy Living Training Services aim to develop practical and transferable skills that Trainees can apply in their daily lives, including:

  • Sports and hobbies 
  • Healthy food and basic cooking skills
  • Healthy relationships
  • Mental health and wellbeing 
  • Identity and sexuality
  • Travel skills
  • Budgeting and money
  • Independent living
  • Personal hygiene
  • Internet safety
  • Cleaning


The primary focus of this service is supporting personal progression for Trainees, with key outcomes being independence and healthier lifestyles.

For Trainees who are interested, there are opportunities to progress on to:

  • Becoming a sports leader and leading sports sessions for the public
  • Cooking and food preparation in our Vassall Cafe by Props kitchen
  • Cooking and food preparation in Crafted by Props Cafe

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