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Horticulture Training

Our horticulture training offers a wide range of horticulture activities and experiences to Trainees, helping them to discover their individual passions and develop as gardeners.

Trainees get a variety of hands-on experience in gardening and plant care, developing skills that can be used in our gardening enterprises, such as market gardening and working on commercial contracts.

Projects and Activities 

Props accessible allotment

Trainees are working hard at our allotment to grow beautiful, organic veg. The plot is currently under development and we are investing in making this a fully accessible, creative space for our Trainees to make the most out of their gardening experience. 

Accessible polytunnel and on-site garden

Here we grow salads, herbs, veg and fruit which gets dispersed to either the Vassals cafe, top kitchen or kitchen lounge. We grow everything from seed and only use organic methods from seed to harvest.

Market Garden at the Beaufort Arms

Trainees have been tending to the Market Garden of our partners at the Beaufort Arms in Hawkesbury Upton for many years. We grow fresh seasonal produce for their kitchen to use.

Barrel maintenance for the Long John Silver Trust

Our Trainees maintain the plants for our friends at the Long John Silver Trail which consists of eight planter barrels around Bristol, each holding a palm tree and several plants and herbs to give a visual and sensory description of a chapter from the book.

Trainees have loved being part of this fantastic project, creating and maintaining such a valuable piece of street furniture that brightens the docks up and tells a story.

Propagation at Props

In our newest horticulture project, we are exploring ways of growing new plants from existing ones. Trainees are enjoying learning the process of how to propagate. These plants are grown for use in our cafes and kitchens or sold at Crafted by Props.

Skills Gained

  • Crop planning 
  • Weeding and planting
  • Health and safety using tools
  • Growing and delivering seasonal produce for enterprises
  • Grounds maintenance for businesses – clearing, weeding, watering 
  • Sustainable gardening practices and permaculture
  • Composting
"I’ve enjoyed biking and gardening. The bike rides are my favourite."
"Farwa is the most enthusiastic Trainee I’ve ever had in music, a joy to see the change to really express herself”
“My time at Props has been extraordinary”

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