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In 2021, PROPS and Tapestry Brewery came together in partnership with the goal of making brewing accessible to ALL.

Tapestry was built on a belief that the unsung heroes behind things are what make them special and PROPS support adults with learning disabilities to gain work skills and put them into practice through meaningful work opportunities in wide range of projects and enterprises.  

Late last year PROPS Trainees got stuck in brewing, designing and launching two exclusive craft beers with the Tapestry team.

The Partnership was a huge success for PROPS, most importantly in challenging perceptions of what adults with learning difficulties can achieve, and PROPS decided to set their sights on opening the first Bristol brewery staffed by adults with learning disabilities.    

Unfortunately, sometimes things just don’t work out the way we hope and for Tapestry, with the global pandemic hitting the business right in their growth stage, despite the team’s best efforts to slim-down and pivot, it just wasn’t enough and sadly, the company was placed into liquidation early this year.

This presented a bittersweet opportunity for PROPS and it was decided that the charity would take over Tapestry from the liquidators.

Now, the former Tapestry Brewery is pioneering a new direction, under the leadership of the PROPS Charity, with the mission of creating long term meaningful jobs for adults with learning difficulties. 

This week, the PROPS team start their journey as the new owners of Tapestry, which will include running the popular Taproom in Totterdown, brewing their own unique craft beers, forging partnerships with fellow Bristol breweries and ultimately establishing a profitable enterprise that can provide real, meaningful work opportunities for PROPS Trainees in the future. 

The taproom premises are open for private bookings but there’s lots of preparation needed before PROPS Trainees will be brewing beer and pulling pints.  

Tom Medland is on board providing PROPS with the expert support and guidance they need to get set up in business and under Tom’s supervision the team plan to launch 3 new beers ready for summer. 

For any enquiries including bookings for the taproom please email 

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