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We’re very excited to announce the latest venture in our mission to partner with local businesses and create meaningful work opportunities for PROPS trainees.

We’ve joined forces with a brilliant purpose driven business to put people at the heart of beer brewing.

That’s right, PROPS trainees have worked with the expert Tapestry brewery team to brew, design, name and launch an exclusive, super tasty craft beer.

Tapestry Brewery are a local team who fundamentally believe that the unsung heroes behind things are what makes them special, so creating opportunities for people by partnering with local charities should be standard in the industry.

If you don’t know us already, PROPS are a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities to gain work skills and put them into practice through meaningful work opportunities in a number of projects and enterprises.

As well as the brewing, design and launching of the beer, trainees have even developed branded merchandise including tote bags to go along with the launch of the beer.

Cornish craft beer connoisseurs, Kor Kollektive, are also on board, helping bring this special brew to the community of beer lovers across the South West.

The result of this people powered partnership is a thing of beauty – a crisp refreshing pale ale promising to tickle the taste buds of everyone from craft beer geeks to the traditionalists.


You can come along and meet the people behind the venture and sample this special brew at the launch event at Tapestry Brewery, which will be catered and run by PROPS trainees.

The event date and timings are coming soon so keep an eye on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter for updates.

A percentage of the profits from this beer will go directly to PROPS to fund our work supporting adults with learning disabilities through access to practical learning, skills development and worthwhile, accessible work-based experiences.

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