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I have met some really nice people and love working with each and every one of them, I am SO HAPPY!

Chloe's Story

Chloe has been doing two sessions a week at the Vassall Cafe for 3 months now and everyone around her has been blown away by the growth in her skills, independence, confidence and motivation!

When first asked if she wanted to work in the cafe, Chloe was hesitant to get involved. But with a little encouragement, she took on the challenge!

To begin with, the cafe was a daunting place and Chloe’s nerves held her back from getting stuck in – it was a huge step with so many unfamiliar situations and new skills to master.

With the support and encouragement of the team, Chloe has persevered and quickly mastered so many aspects of the role! Here’s a few highlights from her many achievements:

To start with, Chloe needed a lot of support with cutting vegetables. She got a few cuts which scared her. So we got her a plastic knife to practice with, and she now cuts all the salad, lettuce and tomato without support.

At first Chloe was uncomfortable approaching customers so wouldn’t approach the till area, now she happily goes up to the fronts, serves customers and uses the till with confidence.

Chloe now makes coffees, prepares toasties and uses the machines independently.

Chloe’s motivation to work has skyrocketed! At first, she was reluctant to dry a cup, now she’ll dry a whole tray from the dishwasher.

“It’s got to the point now I have to tell her to take her break because she’s working so hard and loving what she’s doing!” says Lorna who has been supporting Chloe in the cafe.

“It’s like night and day, Chloe is so much happier and more confident, she only needs to be shown something once now and she’ll jump on the task, it’s amazing the progress she’s made in such a short amount of time.”

“She deserves so much credit, she’s come along leaps and bounds! We’re so proud of everything she’s achieved. Nothing is too much for her.” Lorna

Chloe’s Mum Caroline says “Chloe’s confidence has grown rapidly since being in the cafe and is so eager to work there with Lorna! We as a family have also noticed how happy and confident Chloe is at Props, now more than ever, we are so pleased and proud of Chloe! Well done Chloe keep it up!

And what does Chloe have to say about her achievements? “Since working at the cafe I have met some really nice people and love working with each and every one of them, I am SO HAPPY!

In the cafe I love using the till and making toasties for lots of people, it makes me really excited to know I’m going to work in the cafe!”

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