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“My time at Props has been extraordinary”

Jamie's Story

Jamie’s progress as a member of our cafe team at Props highlights the impact our support services and enterprises can have on personal growth and development.

When Jamie began working with Props in the Vassall Cafe, he felt quite shy with staff and customers, preferring to clean and do washing up in the back, but through our support and nurturing environment, Jamie has blossomed into an essential and front facing part of our team.

Embracing Routine and Enjoyment
Jamie worked at the Vassall Cafe before PROPS took over and enjoyed his regular routine of cleaning and washing dishes in the back of the Cafe. Calling for others to serve customers was Jamie’s comfort zone. However, with our guidance and encouragement, Jamie gradually started to expand his role and take on more responsibilities.

Acquiring New Skills and Initiative
Jamie’s confidence has grown hugely as he gained new skills and became more independent. From learning to use the till and operate the coffee machine to taking orders and using his own initiative, Jamie has become a crucial and reliable team member. No longer relying solely on staff, Jamie now confidently serves customers and takes charge of cooking entire recipes without support.

Building Relationships and Sharing Personality
As Jamie became familiar with the staff at the cafe, a remarkable transformation occurred. Interacting with the team, Jamie’s confidence soared, he began opening up and sharing more of his personality.

Expressing Aspirations and Growth
Jamie’s journey began with washing dishes but has evolved into something much greater. With increased confidence, Jamie now confidently expresses his desires and aspirations including suggesting recipes we should sell in the cafe. He has even taken on the responsibility of baking a cake from scratch, which will soon be sold in our Crafted by Props shop and named “Jamie’s Biscoff Cake.”

Through the support and community at Props, Jamie has developed new skills, embraced responsibility, and built meaningful relationships. Jamie’s growth and self-expression have had a profound impact on the team and the overall success of the cafe.

While Jamie still doesn’t like taking compliments, the team had to share

“It’s been wonderful to see Jamie’s independence growing and his amazing personality coming out, we don’t know what we would do without Jamie in the cafe.”

And how does Jamie feel about it?

“My time at Props has been extraordinary”

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