We’ve launched a crowdfunder for our community compost project!

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We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new environmental project with AVIVA Community Fund and we’d love you to take a look and share it if you can. 

We’re always exploring new projects and ways to help our trainees gain work skills and put them into practice through meaningful work opportunities, and this week, as world leaders gather at COP26 to hopefully make ambitious climate change commitments, we’ve launched our own pledge to take local action! 

What is it?

Our latest exciting venture is a community compost project in Fishponds, which will provide employment for PROPS trainees and create an environmental legacy for the local community. 

This project will offer learning and skill development opportunities for our trainees around sustainability and environmental impact, as well as a chance to engage the local community and create a valuable community asset. 

How will it work? 

Our new community compost scheme will collect food waste, garden and allotment waste from the local area and use it to produce high quality and environmentally beneficial compost!  

The PROPS Community Compost project will collect waste from various drop off points which PROPS trainees will transport to the main site at Thingwall Park Allotments (Fishponds, Bristol).   

We see this project as an opportunity to: 

  • Reduce food waste 
  • Provide a sustainable asset for the local community 
  • Help adults with learning disabilities to gain environmental work skills 
  • Create a hub for adults with learning difficulties to inspire and educate other members of the community about environmental issues such as soil health, waste reduction 

What will the funding enable us to do? 

Having the compost bins as accessible as we can is a must! The money will allow us to buy permeable paving slabs to ensure wheelchair users can enjoy the compost bins and take active roles in maintaining and working on the compost. Permeable paving alos allows vertical and horizontal water runoff to also make sure we meet our environmental standards.  

The funding will also allow us to transport everything from our collection points and the main site using quality and user-friendly containers.  

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