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Everything we do at Props is with the goal of creating a future where everyone who has a disability can do purposeful and rewarding work and contribute to their community.

To make this a reality, we provide the skills, support and work opportunities that are currently not accessible for young people and adults who have learning disabilities.

Training Support Services

Our Training Support Services offer Trainees the opportunity to gain a wide variety of work, life and wellbeing skills and put them into practice. With projects including healthy living, gardening, brewing, cooking, art, music and sports, there’s something to cater to the individual needs and interests of all Trainees. 


Healthy Living



Props Enterprises

To create pathways to work opportunities, we are growing our own range of social enterprises and reinvesting the profits to make them fully accessible and adaptable to meet differentiated support needs. Trainees can get involved in our brewery, cycle hub, creative workshop or one of our cafes.

Dive into Props Enterprises.

Crafted by Props is our high street Café, shop and exhibition space where we showcase the vibrant talent of our Trainees to the public.

Workshop by Props is the Creative heart of our social enterprises, where the products and design elements of our shop, brewery and cafes are born

Our Cycle Hub has the dual aim of providing work opportunities in bicycle maintenance and supporting Trainees to get out cycling with weekly guided rides.

Tapestry by Props aims to break down barriers in the brewing industry and create long term meaningful jobs for people who have disabilities

Our café in the Vassall Centre offers many Trainees their first experience in customer facing roles, allowing them to build confidence within a familiar environment.

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