You may have seen the news that PROPS has secured a long-term lease on a vacant property in Fishponds Road....

Our Crowdfunding campaign is officially LIVE from 1st March to 5th April 2022 and we need your help to build this dream from the ground up! By supporting our Crowdfunder, you not only get a TONNE of rewards on offer, but you get to help build a project, brick by brick, that will leave a legacy of inclusivity within our local community.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is to renovate it and turn it into a fully inclusive, accessible Cafe and Enterprise Centre in 2022 for a first of it's kind project for Bristol! 95% of adults with learning disabilities in the UK are not in paid employment, despite the majority wanting to be. This is because of the huge barriers they face in society from businesses and the public - so let's change that from the ground up.

What Difference Will Project 769 Have?

  • Training and Employment: Project 769 will train and employ, trainees in a wide variety of transferable workplace skills e.g. Barista, Cooking, Customer Service, Printing, Admin, Till work and more. This means that not only will we have direct routes to employment available, but indirectly, we hope to empower trainees with the skills and confidence to secure their own employment elsewhere to the thousands of local businesses who look for staff with these skills!
  • Create Change: You will help change how our local community understands learning disabilities and engages with trainees. Thousands of members of the public will come through the doors each year, meaning you will be building a legacy of inclusivity in the hearts of every one of them. This will not just change how trainees feel every day, but open up more conversations with business owners who want to have a more inclusive and accessible team,
  • Supporting More Trainees. Profits from the Cafe over the next few years will be reinvested back into PROPS, meaning we can support even more adults with learning disabilities in our local community over time. By helping build Project 769, you will create a truly sustainable enterprise for the benefit of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

"I can't wait to work on the till, I love meeting people. I don't get to meet new people in that way, I'm excited!" - Sam, PROPS Trainee

How Can I Get Involved?

Donate To The Crowdfunder: 

Please donate generously to our crowdfunding appeal before 5th April 2022, and you will also be able to get rewards from free coffees and lunches at Project 769, to having a signature dish named after you (or a loved one)! - 

Pro Bono Construction Work

If you are a tradesperson, have expertise with renovation work, or work for a business who can help with any Pro Bono work or materials, please contact [email protected] 

We simply won't be able to build Project 769 without the help of local people and businesses kindly providing materials and labour for the physical renovation work. We have a detailed list of quotes and requirements we can speak about if you are interested, as well as a host of PR opportunities!

Please get in touch using the form below.


As a small, local charity, we simply can't take on a project of this scale by ourselves. That also means that every £ you donate makes a HUGE difference to building Project 769 brick by brick, and for the futures of adults with learning disabilities who deserve the same opportunities at life as us all.

Thank you for reading, donating and sharing. We all look forward to warmly welcoming you to the day 1 opening!