Our mission is to support adults with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential in our community. We achieve this by providing access to practical learning, skills development and worthwhile, accessible work-based experiences.

At PROPS we passionately believe that everybody has the right to meaningful work, and that acquiring the skills of the workplace is an important part of adult life. We support adults with learning disabilities to gain work skills and put them into practice within a number of our projects and enterprises.

All our activities are accessible and adaptable to meet differentiated support needs. Based at the fully accessible Vassall Centre in Fishponds Bristol PROPS provides day opportunities for 49 weeks of the year. 

With our fleet of minibuses we also provide a pick up and drop off service to help trainees to access our services. 

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We liaise with parents and carers, social workers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and any other relevant individuals to ensure we are best meeting the varied support needs of our trainees.


PROPS is a registered centre with the awarding body AQA, to deliver units from their Unit Award Scheme. This allows for trainees to have their work and achievements accredited, by a nationally recognised body. Units are written specifically to match the diversity of our work programmes and trainees. The scheme allows for differentiation between individual trainee levels of engagement and progression within the same activity or unit, so that outcomes are realistic and person-centred.